Silverback and Jane - Mini Diorama

Big collaboration project between Fransisco Ruiz Velasco, Alejandro Castiblanco and myself. We had been wanting to do a sexy pin up girl and mech design for some time and we finally got around to doing our first one, this is the result, Silverback and Jane. Francisco did design and early blockouts of the mech, Alejandro did some more design, modeling, sculpting and UVs on the mech, I did some design on the girl, sculpting, posing, and did the texturing and rendering for the whole thing. It's one of my favorite projects I've ever done and I'm looking forward to doing more stuff like this.

Design by:
More design, modeling, sculping and UVs for the mech by:

STLs to print it can be found at our Patreon for a short period of time:

May 24, 2021